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PRINCE2, ITIL, Agile … can I have the best of all?

There is a lot of discussion about what the best methodology is to adopt for an organisation. As soon as the discussion moves in that direction, it moves away from realities of any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Projects simply do not mushroom out of thin air. Something causes a realisation in the organisation that moves them to  mobilize and start a project. The project than needs monitoring and control to bring the desired transformation in the organisation. Read more of this post

How to avoid delivering a white elephant

I was recently having an interesting discussion with some of my peers on a project management forum. We were talking about how to ensure the projects we deliver do not end up being white elephants. This is an interesting question to ponder from a project manager‘s point of view. In a PRINCE2 project, one of the six elements a project manager is supposed to control is the benefits. However, benefits of the project is only derived once it has been delivered to the users. By that time the project would have been long finished. How does a project manager ensure what is delivered is worth the effort. Read more of this post

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